27 Mar

Rational Symmetry by Roee

Roee is an Austrian fashion label that focuses on minimalism and natural symmetries. Their handmade clothes derive their concepts from proportions and arrangements found in nature, but one can definitely see the mind of designer Rene Pomberger intervening in the process and adding a dash of rational, personal  interpretation to the looks.

The label is bringing a natural flow to clothing, proposing a more fluid view of the relation between humans and the human-nature relation.




Photographer: Vanessa Hartman
Creative Director: Rene Pomberger
Production: Michael Mairhofer
Assistent: Katharina Eggler
Hair & Makeup: Jenny Bladek
Model: Anna Francesca I Tempo Model
Model: Tino Romana I The Crispies
Location: Haus cj5


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