Mixed Arts



The Other Side – Seen Through Kartik Kumar’s Lens
Kartik Kumar is a software engineer from Bengaluru, India, who has a passion for photography and a great eye for
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Past Structures Revealed by Les Johnstone
Les Johstone’s photographs, if looked at for quite a long time, can have the power to turn into portals to
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Mixing it Up with Black Sugar
Black Sugar is a Thai fashion label that has at the core of its aesthetic the minimal use of colors
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Konstantin Panassyuk’s Flowing Structures
Konstantin Panassyuk is a passionate photographer from Russia. His works are mostly snapshots of everyday life, showcasing interesting moments of
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Julien Roesz’s Déjà Vus
Julien Roesz is a photographer from Strasbourg, France who is engaging in a photographic endeavor of high interest. His urban
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Jos Monreal’s Fascination with Depth
Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jos Monreal is creating photographs of everyday moments that often we don’t really get to see and
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Luca Fecarotta’s Magical Journeys
Remote places are often something that captures the minds and interest of many people. Places that many people don’t get
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Human Shapes: Bruno Walpoth’s Works
Sculptor Bruno Walpoth’s sculptures, made from limewood or walnut represent human figures as the result of their so-far experience. While his
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Composing Worlds with Nurit David
Nurit David is an Israeli artist whose body of work covers several decades. She has worked with various mediums and
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Rational Symmetry by Roee
Roee is an Austrian fashion label that focuses on minimalism and natural symmetries. Their handmade clothes derive their concepts from proportions and
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La Belle et la Bête by Marco Campelli
Urbex, or Urban Exploration refers to the exploration of man-made structures and spaces. The catch about urbex is that unlike
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Going Places with Moyan Brenn
Traveling has always been a major theme in photography. May it be urban photography, landscape photography or portrait photography, the
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