28 Oct

The Other Side – Seen Through Kartik Kumar’s Lens

Kartik Kumar is a software engineer from Bengaluru, India, who has a passion for photography and a great eye for amazing pictures.

His photographs are personal insights into Indian moments which he captures in bold images. In a way, many of Kumar’s photographs focus on seeing things from the outside. This theme is very interesting: Kartik offers a view of the places and the people that one does not normally see. He also goes a step further by stepping outside time and though his compositions offers a perspective that seems to be distanced from the time of everyday life.


God Maker – Bengaluru, India

Making Of Ganesha – Bengaluru, India

Marina Beach – Chennai, India

Friends – Khajjiar, India

Sailors Network – Malvan, India

Taj Admirer – Agra, India

Serenity – Hemis Monastry, Ladakh, India

The Balance – Bengaluru, India


More: flickr.com/photos/102770377@N03/

29 Aug

Past Structures Revealed by Les Johnstone

Les Johstone’s photographs, if looked at for quite a long time, can have the power to turn into portals to world’s you’ve always known existed, but thought that were present only in dreams.

By shooting from a forward angle, Les’ images introduce you to an unfiletered world that reveals itself before your eyes. The urbex landscapes he captures draw the curtain from urban myths we’ve all heard about and imagined how they would be in reality.

From impressive ballrooms and abandoned planes to the Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria, Les Johstone’s works open up the secret world available to anyone who takes a closer look at the world around them.


Budludzha in Winter


Buzludzha in Summer


Paragon Hotel – Ballroom


Abandoned Hospital in Ayrshire Scotland


Abandoned Hotel Artista – Office


Dodgems at Pripyat


Villa 1967 Abandoned Winery


Russian Scorpion submarine


Sunset as seen from Buzludzha




More: flickr.com/photos/9162791@N07/

22 Aug

Mixing it Up with Black Sugar

Black Sugar is a Thai fashion label that has at the core of its aesthetic the minimal use of colors and the use of special designs. What makes the brand’s clothes appealing is the play with softness and hardness and the balance between the simple chromatic and the intricate designs.

At first, their clothes seem to be extremely rigid, architectureal and structured, but contemplating them a little while will unravel a whole other dimension, one of flow and movement.

Their clothes are an expression of a strong foundation, upon which strong decorations are added to emphasize the complex nature of the wearer.






More: blacksugar.co.th

10 Aug

Konstantin Panassyuk’s Flowing Structures

Konstantin Panassyuk is a passionate photographer from Russia. His works are mostly snapshots of everyday life, showcasing interesting moments of people in mostly urban environments. While not a full time pro of photography, many of Konstantin’s works are extremely promising and are the result of a talented mind.

His compositions are an interplay of empty-full, rigid-fluid, tense-relaxed. Konstantin’s photos feature a weird balance between shapes that are sturdy and shapes that are flowing. Often, it seems that these shapes are meant to morph, moving between a solid state to a liquid state. This way, he conveys a complete image of a moment’s expression, which captures both the steady, the flowy and the in-between.





I like summer so much!


Hard voleyball



More: flickr.com/photos/127725679@N05



09 Jul

Julien Roesz’s Déjà Vus

Julien Roesz is a photographer from Strasbourg, France who is engaging in a photographic endeavor of high interest. His urban exploration photographs are impressive images that generate not only the classic emotions urbex imagery usually creates, but that also raise questions.

His photos give the viewer a sense of déjà vu. When looking at his works, you get a sense of having been there before – maybe in an alternavie universe, maybe in a dream, maybe in a moment you simply don’t remember.

More than that, the images contain not only the past of place, but also the state of mind of the present viewer and their dreams and hopes for the upcoming times.


Comment appelle t’on un collectionneur de matelas? (What do you call a matress collectioner?)


Cette année Noël tombe en juillet (This year, Christmas is in july)


Créature de gymnase (Gym creature)


Les mafieux russes (Russian mafia men)


Désaccord au sujet de la note (Disagreement on the subject of a note)




Hotel green valley. Conseil. 30 minutes de marche par jour (Green Valley hotel. Adice: Walk 30 minutes each day)


Jumelles requises (Binoculars required)


La recherche de la couleur (Color reasearch)


Le clin d’oeil de l’africaine (A glimpse over Africa)


Séparés par le tapis rouge (Separated by the red carpet)


Une pensée pour Detroit (A thought for Detroit)


Website: flickr.com/photos/113367580@N03/ 

27 May

Jos Monreal’s Fascination with Depth

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jos Monreal is creating photographs of everyday moments that often we don’t really get to see and take in.

His works feature places, people, animals and situations that are not uncommon to daily life. However, Jos makes these situations events and gives them a special vibe using high contrasts and carefully chosen compositions.








11 May

Luca Fecarotta’s Magical Journeys

Remote places are often something that captures the minds and interest of many people. Places that many people don’t get to see are captivating because we as people know that they represent the decor for the stories that go off the radar. At many times, these places are inaccessible for a reason, but at the same time it is true that the biggest of treasures sometimes lie in the best hidden places.

Luca Fecarotta’s photographs are true photographic jewels that portray a very mysterious, yet colorful vision of India and Vietnam. Photography is a medium that makes it very hard to communicate magic in a simple, beautiful and authentic way, but Luca manages to convey all those things through his compositions, colors and subjects.

His photographs represent an album of a journey that tells hidden stories from remote places with great compassion and care.



Pink & Blue
Bundi, India



Dining with mum
Can Tho Vietnam



Amazing India, Kannyakumari, India



Being a Woman
Varanasi, India



Hon Tre, Vietnam





02 May

Human Shapes: Bruno Walpoth’s Works

Sculptor Bruno Walpoth’s sculptures, made from limewood or walnut represent human figures as the result of their so-far experience. While his works quite realistic and can be described as being part of the uncanny, Walpoth’s works do not seek to recreate life – they are more humble than that; but they do explore life.

Every line of a sculpture appears as a detail of someone’s life, and ultimately, all the details combined compose the bigger picture of one’s experience, which is expressed through the body.

The choice of medium (wood) is also a very interesting and well-chosen one, as, as nature, humans are also a shape inhabited by much vibrations and intricate systems.




Ricordi Smarriti


Die Schüchterne









01 May

Composing Worlds with Nurit David

Nurit David is an Israeli artist whose body of work covers several decades. She has worked with various mediums and composed coherent worlds that are highly intriguing. While most of her works are not collages per se, they have a collage quality, where concepts and ideas, as well as different emotions meets. And this is where the strength of her works lie: Nurit David’s aesthetic is balancing contrasts between the inner worlds of people and their outside expression. Her paintings in particular are characterized by a harmonious tension, where items seem to lie and rely on each other, giving shape to something that is condensed and balanced.


Nurit David has authored many single-person exhibitions and has been part of many group exhibitions. She has won numerous awards, including the 2003 Minister of Culture and Education Prize for Art and Design.

Her works can be seen today throughout Israel and the world, including in the The Israel Museum of Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Discover our selection of her works below:


Building a Summer House II


Nurit David? No, I don’t remember



Sea for Girls


The Wheel


Monks Playing in a Garden


Gathering Dry Leaves




27 Mar

Rational Symmetry by Roee

Roee is an Austrian fashion label that focuses on minimalism and natural symmetries. Their handmade clothes derive their concepts from proportions and arrangements found in nature, but one can definitely see the mind of designer Rene Pomberger intervening in the process and adding a dash of rational, personal  interpretation to the looks.

The label is bringing a natural flow to clothing, proposing a more fluid view of the relation between humans and the human-nature relation.




Photographer: Vanessa Hartman
Creative Director: Rene Pomberger
Production: Michael Mairhofer
Assistent: Katharina Eggler
Hair & Makeup: Jenny Bladek
Model: Anna Francesca I Tempo Model
Model: Tino Romana I The Crispies
Location: Haus cj5


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