The Other Side – Seen Through Kartik Kumar’s Lens
Kartik Kumar is a software engineer from Bengaluru, India, who has a passion for photography and a great eye for
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Past Structures Revealed by Les Johnstone
Les Johstone’s photographs, if looked at for quite a long time, can have the power to turn into portals to
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Mixing it Up with Black Sugar
Black Sugar is a Thai fashion label that has at the core of its aesthetic the minimal use of colors
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Horses of Nepal Book
The Royal Library of Denmark has a book catalogued as “Illustrated work with horses from Nepal”.  The book is mysterious
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Manuscript of the Triumphant Maximilian I
The Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519, elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1508) commissioned two works of art which
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Representations of Political Power
Constructing power In the course of history, power has always had one of the most important roles in arts and
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Topics of Reflection
Considerations on Caspar David Friedrich’s “The Stages of Life”
The period of the Romantic movement was a time in arts history that proposed people another way of approaching life
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Consideration’s on Caspar David Friedrich’s “Mountain Landscape with Rainbow”
Caspar David Friedrich was a German painter who lived in the XIXth century and who is considered one of the
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Original Photography in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Cultural critic Walter Benjamin wrote in 1936 an essay called “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
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