17 Mar

La Belle et la Bête by Marco Campelli


Urbex, or Urban Exploration refers to the exploration of man-made structures and spaces. The catch about urbex is that unlike classic street photography, they explore abandoned spaces or buildings that are in ruins. Sometimes, urbex explores places that are not generally allowed to be entered by the general population.

Marco Campelli’s urban exploration photographs tell a true story of the Beauty and the Beast. The almost-forgotten buildings reveal the hidden structures of the human environment. At the same time, they explore the inner architecture of the human soul.

The abandoned state of the buildings makes them appealing, uniting the beauty and the beast in one.

Urbex stories are a great proof of how, in a world where everything seems to be archived forever, many things do go forgotten, but not before they are captured first.


Asilo D.B.S.

Jules et Jim

La Belle et la Bête

La Belle et la Bête


Villa G.P.M.

Villa G.P.M.

Villa G.P.M.

Villa M 1


Marco Campelli, Italy