06 Feb

Latin American Aesthetics (Feb 18)

As tensions in the Northern hemispehere of the world tend to rise, we see
a strong increase in the discovery and rediscovery of the Southern
hemisphere of the world, as the world’s attention turns more and more to
Latin America, Africa and Oceania.

Latin America is a great place to explore bold colors, wild shapes and
mesmerizing textures. The various Latin American cultures that are
standing at the basis of countries such as Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
and many more have created an impressive thesaurus that is and endless
cultural flow of extraordinary value.

For Latinos, beauty is an extremely important aspect of everyday living, which is part of what makes people in this part of the world great: they understand that there is more to life than the immediate practical and that beauty is a need and not a luxury.


Discover some photos we took recently of Latin American colors, textures and shapes.