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Manuscript of the Triumphant Maximilian I

The Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519, elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1508) commissioned two works of art which had a considerable influence on court festivals generally in the Empire: the set of 192 woodcuts commissioned from Albrecht Dürer in 1515 which together make up the Triumphal Arch and the series of 136 woodcuts by Burgkmair, Altdorfer, Dürer and others which constitute the Triumphal Procession of 1517.

The Triumphs of Maximilian I inspired many images, including a series of beautiful manuscript images in around 1700, with captions in German.

It was probably originally commissioned by the Hapsburg Archduke Albert of Austria (d. 1621) and ended up in Spain through his successors, Philip IV and Charles II. The actual artist who created the manuscript is not known.


Discover pages from the 1700 manuscript:






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