Luca Fecarotta’s Magical Journeys
Remote places are often something that captures the minds and interest of many people. Places that many people don’t get
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Human Shapes: Bruno Walpoth’s Works
Sculptor Bruno Walpoth’s sculptures, made from limewood or walnut represent human figures as the result of their so-far experience. While his
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Composing Worlds with Nurit David
Nurit David is an Israeli artist whose body of work covers several decades. She has worked with various mediums and
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Topics of Reflection
Curating the Mind: The Culture of Today and the Politics of Tomorrow
Many people, especially those who grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s sometimes get a bit nostalgic about old-timey
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The Museum as a Learning Place
Art has always been a strong tool used to explore the human mind and spirit and the world and to
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Who is an Artist?
Throughout history, many philosophers, thinkers and artists have thought of what constitutes an artist. In every society, artists have held
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