Konstantin Panassyuk’s Flowing Structures
Konstantin Panassyuk is a passionate photographer from Russia. His works are mostly snapshots of everyday life, showcasing interesting moments of
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Julien Roesz’s Déjà Vus
Julien Roesz is a photographer from Strasbourg, France who is engaging in a photographic endeavor of high interest. His urban
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Jos Monreal’s Fascination with Depth
Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jos Monreal is creating photographs of everyday moments that often we don’t really get to see and
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Opening Page
“Great art picks up where nature ends.”  – Marc Chagall Musurgia Universalis is an exhaustive compendium of musical knowledge at the
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Topics of Reflection
Catching Up with the ET’s in Art and Culture
Life on other planets is a concern that people have had for many years now, even more so since the
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Discovering Reality: An Analysis of “Alice in Wonderland” (1951)
“Alice in Wonderland” is a classic animated film directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske. The movie, adapted
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Fantastic Spaces: An Evolution
Ever since the dawn of humanity, mankind has sought to reach or dwell in other worlds than the world that
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